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Family Nurture is an evidenced based programme that will enable schools and parents to work in partnership, to help children and young people to be happy and successful. Parents will feel empowered and confident in enhancing their children and young people’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. This programme will have a positive impact on children’s behaviours, learning and achievement, and mental health and wellbeing. Family Nurture has a history of attracting and engaging hard to reach parents and will support families to embrace the six nurture principles for learning.


MODULE 1 (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Overview of Family Nurture

  • Expectations and barriers

  • Effective presentations

MODULE 2 (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Getting to know Family Nurture

MODULE 3 (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Enhancing Family Nurture through collaborative learning activities


MODULE 4 (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Familiarisation with Family Nurture

  • How to recruit and retain parents of Family Nurture


MODULE 5 (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Group presentations and feedback

REVIEW (Virtual session, 3 hours)

  • Opportunity to share practice, develop skills and next steps

  • Assessment procedure


All participants will receive the Family Nurture Manual and resource book.


We recommend that two people from a school attend this training. People who may benefit from this programme include:

– Senco/Alnco
– Teachers
– Teaching Assistants and HLTAs

Cost per school (two people) – £1,750 + VAT

1st and 2nd May 2024

venue to be advised


Bespoke training (one school) will incur travel and accommodation costs for one trainer. 

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