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Associate Consultant Trainer

Marina has gained a wealth of experience during her 30 years in education, teaching in a variety of settings including secondary, further, and higher education. 



Marina’s passion for nurture, wellbeing, and an equitable education for all has guided her practice in all positions ranging from  Head of PE department and SLT.( Assistant Principal). She has a strong belief that everyone has the potential to achieve. 


Marina’s interest in research enhances her practice which reflects through her students and colleagues experiences. As an advanced practitioner and Master Trainer Marina has a proven record in delivering outstanding education in a wide range of educational settings in both face to face and digital environments.



Marina has a vast experience of working with colleagues and organisations, such as Ofqual and the DfE. Part of one of her most recent role has been to ensure effective pedagogy, quality of learning and the skill development of practitioners. Nurture and wellbeing is at the forefront of her practice.



Marina’s current lecturing role involves aspects of career progression, reflective practice and “next steps”. A pivotal role in her work with students is to create the foundations for wellbeing, through a nurturing curriculum and build peer support to promote and assist future career aspirations whilst facilitating possibilities for future success in life choices and employment. 



Her role with the Ministry of Justice and Youth Justice has involved her use of her excellent communication to deliver in a trauma solution focused way, using restorative and growth mindset practices to change hearts and minds. 


Marina has a strong interest in developing new resources to support holistic wellbeing and its importance to health and education.Marina is forever a teacher and forever learning.

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