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The Sensory Portrait book has been designed to help you to understand a child/young person’s sensory needs so that you can pro-actively provide activities to support the child/young person through a graduated approach in the classroom or/ and Nurture Intervention.

It is not an assessment, does not offer any advice for medical issues and should never be used in place of seeking additional support from professionals such as Occupational Therapists or Educational/Clinical/Child Psychologists.

The sensory portrait consists of chapters dedicated to the three senses that are sometimes overlooked or unknown by educationalists, yet can have a significant impact on behaviour, inclusion, and attendance in the classroom and school. These senses are tactile, vestibular and proprioception. Each chapter starts with information about one of these senses and then offers a checklist that can be referred to before looking at a range of strategies that may be helpful.

Sensory: The missing piece of the jigsaw

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