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This book does what it suggests, it digs deeper!

The book enables teachers and other educators to gain a rich and valuable portrait of individual children and young people’s social, emotional, and cognitive development quickly without compromising on the quality of the data generated. The Digging Deeper Developmental Portrait extends the three areas within the screening tool, which are; Concentration and Focus, Social Skills and Emotional Resilience. These are the three developmental areas that children and young people need to learn, achieve, and gain academic success. Within each question of the Developmental Portrait, each objective is broken down into 56 stages of development.

This data will raise the understanding of children and young people’s strengths and developmental needs to maximise success. The book of strategies will support teachers to plan and implement targeted strategies raising teachers’ confidence in removing barriers to learning and leading to improved academic and mental health outcomes for all.

The Digging Deeper Portrait can be used to identify which children would benefit from nurture intervention whether this is provided through full or part time nurture provision and will guide educators to provide effective strategies that can be tied into the school curriculum. This tool can be used to identify and monitor children and young people’s developmental progress

Digging Deeper Children

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